Your Dreams Are Valid


Sija has been a registered nurse since 2007…

I love nursing but when children came along, I really struggled balancing parenting with being the nurse that I wanted to be. I really wanted to spend more time with my children so I took them out of school and started home educating them. When I was on maternity leave with my third child I dreaded going back to work. I was looking for something else and my sister was doing this business in South Africa, so I joined.

When I first started nursing, I would mostly work nights. I’d work, come home and sleep for a bit then collect my kids from school and nursery before cooking dinner, putting them to sleep and then I’d go out to work again. it wasn’t sustainable. I noticed my weight and my health in general was up and down. Now I feel good in myself and I put this down to Forever. In a short space of time, I have learned so much about what my body needs, much more than I learned in nursing over the years. With medicine we try to heal but we don’t focus much on prevention, with Forever I have learned to prevent, I have learned to look after myself better. I didn’t even take vitamins before Forever but now I can see and feel the difference – my energy levels have improved and my skin looks more vibrant now than when I was younger.

Before Forever life was work, children and responsibilities, but now I feel I have control. I work my nursing when I want to and I work my Forever business in the times that suit me and my family. I don’t have to stretch myself or do what I don’t want to do. Since coming back from maternity leave, I now nurse once or twice a month rather than every week. What gives me most pleasure is knowing I have helped other people see that there is a better way than the rat race of shift work too.

Before I joined, I remember my sister telling me about Global Rally in Dubai; she was buzzing about it and I thought, ‘what a scam!’ I didn’t believe it, it looked too good to be true. I was sceptical and didn’t like the idea of selling something. Now I have learned it’s not just about selling, it’s about educating people – those that see it, see it, those that don’t, don’t.

When Covid hit I didn’t’ feel comfortable nursing as the uncertainties of the pandemic in the early stages were very challenging. The children were asking me about it but I didn’t know what to say - the world didn’t even have the answers at the time. It was very scary and I didn’t want to bring anything home. At that time we were losing a lot of African nurses, that terrified me. I did have Covid early on and while I was off work I was reflecting with my husband, it was a bit of a wakeup call.

At this point my business hadn’t taken off and to me it looked like it was failing. It was a really challenging time, but I started listening to and reading motivational writings to get me out of that phase. I was working my business in pockets of time but I decided to really put my foot down and started driving my business. Fortunately everything moved online and for me, working online meant I could compact a lot more into my time as I wasn’t having to travel.

The flexibility that Forever has given me is invaluable. Whatever my children are doing, I am able to be there. I don’t have to use annual leave or stress that my requests won’t be approved; I don’t have anyone tying me down. When I need to make a phone call to my parents or if they need to contact me, I can be available whenever. Forever has given me time – sometimes I am busy working but I am always there, and the icing on the cake is that I have the income too.

It makes me laugh when people say they don’t have time to start a business. Everyone has time to do what they find important. If you want to change your current circumstances, you will always find time. We find time to go to work because we want to pay the bills.

My best advice is if you don’t try, you will never know. People think they have to be good at something before they start but with Forever you don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.

I never thought I could really impact or inspire anyone but I have gained mentoring skills. A lot of people have approached me to say that they didn’t think they could do it but because I saw what they are capable of it kept them going and now they can see it themselves. I have also learned how to follow up and be a leader; people are looking up to me so I have to do the right thing and be an example. It’s impacted on our family life too - my children see that you can plan out your life, you don’t have to just agree with what the situation is – your dreams are valid.

Initially I just wanted an extra £200-£400 to cover the days that I was not nursing but now I see Forever offers more possibilities. I really want the good lifestyle, not just for me and my family but for our community. I do a lot for other people, especially back home in Zimbabwe, to make sure my parents, extended family and people around are comfortable. I have taken it upon myself to make sure that I am working hard and earning enough to help as many people as possible.

I am excited for the future because nothing is limited with Forever. You can do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it. The possibilities are just humongous and I am excited to qualify for every incentive there is. I would like my husband to reduce his working hours and I am really excited to achieve this goal by the end of the year.

My father is my role model. There are ten of us and he raised us all. He’s a very wise man and has always been ahead of his time. The advice that he gives us and the people around him is just amazing. I would not have thought of coming to the UK but he thought of it, he planned it and brought me and my brother here and now we are helping him and other people.

Now I feel it’s his time to live life while I work hard. He is one of those proud African men who would never say much but of late he does say, ‘well done - you are working hard and it is paying off’. I pray to God that he lives for a long time because I still need his wisdom. He is the first person who told me to have a five-year plan, long before I joined Forever. But at the time I didn’t think much of it and I didn’t do it. I have an amazing role model and I have no reason to slow down, I will end 2022 even stronger!

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