Working for my children


Like many FBOs, I am a single parent to three amazing children. I joined the business because I needed something more flexible, something that would fit around the children, and in particular, fit around the complexity of their needs. My eldest, Bailey, eleven, has autism, and my youngest, Ava, four, has brittle asthma. I needed something that would cope with all the challenges and impromptu hospital stays, and before Forever I never thought such an opportunity existed. 

I previously held a senior operational manager role within financial services, and leaving this had also left a huge gap in my income. However, being made redundant in 2009 turned out to actually be a blessing. Bailey’s needs were presenting themselves more and I just needed to be there.

I also had a part-time job before I started my Forever journey; I was a coach and facilitator for a local non-profit organisation that supports the parents of children with additional needs. I loved the job but it only scratched the surface in replacing my income. I was also facing the difficult decision of being forced to sell our family home. I knew a full-time corporate role wouldn't fit around my family so I really couldn’t see an alternative way to subsidise my income. 

Thankfully I found Forever. I knew immediately that if I applied myself I could achieve everything that the company has to offer so I set to work. I made Manager in six months, and during both May and June, whilst I was working towards my promotions, Ava was poorly in hospital with her asthma. In June she was extremely poorly and in high dependency, but I still managed to hit Manager in the same month. To me this only reinforced that, with the right mindset, anything is possible with this business.

I now wake up and pinch myself when I think about what I'm able to provide, very flexibly, for my family. I've never felt so excited and hopeful about our future, and I've unlocked all those previously locked-away dreams that I just didn't think were within my reach or applied to my life any more. Forever is not only something I’m doing for my children, but I'm doing it for me too. It's given me purpose, confidence, and a huge sense of fulfilment. I know that a happy mummy helps create a happy home and going forward I know I will be able to create some amazing memories with my children. 

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