Time Back For Myself


Anjali was on maternity leave at the start of 2022. Feeling in need of a reset she undertook Forever’s C9 programme never anticipating what lay ahead…

Doing the C9 really was a turning point for me. I was completely unprepared for how amazing I felt following the nine-day programme. I was energised, like never before, and this gave me the motivation to continue. It was only when I started to feel so well that I realised how under par I had been! I am now unrecognisable to myself, or rather I have now become my real self. 

I’m a busy mum, my daughter is one and my son is three; having been a biology teacher for nine years I now work in the family business running a residential care home in Norfolk.

It was an easy decision for me to take to start my own Forever business having had such a positive experience with the products, anyone who knew me could see the transformation for themselves. I have found it the most natural thing to retail the products. Having moved back to Norfolk from London I was really starting from scratch in terms of networking. I always share the business opportunity with customers, explaining that by signing up they qualify for a lifetime discount on their products - I never pressure people. What I have found is that if they are having a positive experience with the products, then recommending them comes easily and again quite naturally. By taking this approach I have developed a team of twenty-one since the beginning of the year.

I have grown in confidence and now find it much easier to talk to people than I used to. I am happier and have genuinely been taken aback by how much support I have received since joining. I think it’s pretty rare to find such a supportive culture in other working environments and I must thank my mentors; they have helped me so much and I have formed great friendships too. While I am a busy working mum, I have managed to work my Forever business on as a little as one hour a day. I know that I could achieve so much more if I were to devote more time to it, so that’s definitely part of my future plans.

It’s incredible to me that life can feel different in less than a year and that a box of products could be the start of such big changes. I feel empowered and in charge of my life. I completed the twenty-six mile Shine Night Walk in London, raising over £1k for charity - something that previously I wouldn’t have even considered being able to do. I am excited for what the future will bring.

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