The product of success


My husband and I lived in South East Asia for many years, but we decided to return to the UK in 1998 in order to start our family...

I’ve always been sporty, so it was a natural move to join a gym. The gym I joined advertised a kid’s martial arts class so I enrolled my son, Joshua, who was four at the time, and I also started training. My daughter, Emily, also joined when she turned three.

My previous careers have included hospitality, finance, retail, marketing and design – I’m really a mixed bag and tend to master anything that I love – but I wasn’t fulfilled trying to juggle a corporate life around a young family. Re-training in fitness allowed me to build a career around my children’s school day. So, in addition to being a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor, teaching martial arts was a logical progression. I’m now a full-time martial arts instructor, competitor and coach. I teach classes in local schools and nurseries in the hope of finding future Olympic champions.

The competition element also came naturally to me – leaders encourage, inspire and motivate by example, and so I would never encourage my students to do something that I was not capable of. My proudest moments have undoubtedly been coaching my children and students at national-, European- and world-level competitions. I also coached my daughter (then aged ten) to victory at the world championships in Serbia in 2012. As well as coaching, I compete regularly myself and I’ve won over twenty-five awards, including gold medals. Five of my victories were also at world level.

However, none of this success would be possible if I didn’t take care of myself to begin with but I’d spent many years trying products which didn’t work. By chance I bumped into Diana at my local leisure centre and after speaking with her I learnt that I could drink Aloe Vera Gel. She then introduced me to Argi+ and everything changed: I have been with Forever ever since.

For every single one of my competition successes, I had Argi+ in my water bottle! I teach a number of fitness classes and my last class of the day is taught with as much energy as the first because Argi+ contains vitamin C and D. Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function. My Forever business has therefore grown organically around my enthusiasm for the products. It has become the perfect complementary business for me. Fitness is an amazing industry, but there’s no payment if I’m absent and there’s no pension to speak of. It’s therefore great to know that my ‘insurance pot’ is growing, and the kids’ ‘university pot’ is growing too.

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