The power of change


My background is in animal care. I worked for the RSPCA for eleven years, which I absolutely loved, but when I became a mum eight years ago, my priorities changed. I wanted to be there to watch my children grow, and since my husband had a good job, we could afford for me to be a full-time mum.

I wasn’t looking for an income when I found Forever six years ago, but the products got my attention so I attended my first Business Presentation. Although I was excited, I didn’t really understand the business side or believe I could achieve what they were showing me. However, I liked the idea that for less than £200 I could get a great range of products and discount off future orders. Despite my husband’s initial sceptical and negative response, I managed to persuade him to hand over his credit card!

I became very passionate, naturally recommending the products to friends and family, and I enjoyed the independence and social side of the business. But my husband was working a stressful, highly pressured job. I needed to help lessen the pressure, but was scared of failing. Self-belief has always held me back, but when I qualified for lunch with Bob in January, I told him of our situation. He said, “You have the power to change all of that,” and those words stuck with me. Now I’m determined to build a secure income that allows us to have freedom and choices in life, and that enables us to continue creating great memories as a family.

I reached the position of Assistant Manager in March, and Manager in April. I am absolutely over the moon as this is a huge achievement for me; I am so excited about all the fantastic incentives on offer. I may have taken the scenic route, but I got there in the end! I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me so far: my husband Daniel for being my rock, my upline, crossline and my amazing downline. We all support each other and everyone has been encouraging and extremely helpful – it’s because of them that I’ve reached this promotion.