The freedom to choose


Tom and his wife have professional careers in criminal justice and education so they are no strangers to hard work. They were both happy and the long hours were well paid so they rarely complained. That was until their daughter Gracie came along...

Whilst our careers have given us many enjoyable moments, rewarding experiences and skills to boot, they have simply diminished the dreams we once had. Over the years we could see ourselves losing sight of what we once believed was possible. Throw in a mortgage or two, some car finance and a family, and all of a sudden we felt trapped. Not because of the little family we had created or because of a lack of ambition, but rather the lack of opportunity. 

For us life is about experiences, creating memories and most importantly having choices. Having Gracie made us quickly realise we were no longer in control of our lives, our future and our children’s future. This is when we decided to take a proper look into the business opportunity.

We had joined the business the year before after falling in love with the products and we had already enjoyed a small retail income. We looked deeper into the possibilities and quickly got excited about what we could do and where it could take us. Our goals started to get bigger and our ambition grew. We literally regressed to our younger selves: not limited by financial strain, time-consuming jobs or our own self-doubt. The prospect of growing a team and helping others achieve their goals was really exciting.

Our reason for doing what we do is about creating more choices in life. We work with the most amazing and inspiring group of people; we have so much fun, it’s exciting, challenging and rewarding on so many levels, but what strikes me the most is the level of personal development. We are literally better versions of ourselves thanks to this opportunity. I have been fortunate enough already to reduce my hours at work and I’m one step closer to sacking the boss, spending more time with our daughter and having the financial freedom to decide what to do next. My wife is still teaching full-time and although she loves her job she would like to have the freedom to make some choices in the near future. 

We haven’t shot up the Marketing Plan at the rate some do, we have had other priorities, but that is the beauty of this business. Our dream board is our daily reminder of what we know we can achieve and we are certain the future will give us everything we ever hoped and more!

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