Tears and Laughter


In December 2013 Katie decided to look into moving so she could shape her future..…

Our earnings as a police officer and charity worker didn’t give us much choice. Around this time, I lost a very close friend very suddenly and it made us look at our lives. I asked Adam, “If we were to get hit by a bus tomorrow, could we sit on that cloud and honestly say that we had lived our lives to the full?” We both agreed that we couldn’t; our lives were focused on earning a wage to make ends meet, rather than spending time with loved ones.

In March 2014 I saw a Facebook post about working from home, so I thought, “If I want something to change, then I have to change something!” I got in touch and we arranged a meeting. If I’m honest, I didn’t have a clue what it was all about, but I remember being shown a magazine and everyone looking happy, so I signed up! Later that day Adam asked, “How was your day?” I replied, “I have started a business!” He just rolled his eyes at me.

I managed to get him to go to a Success Express day that month and he was blown away! He decided to join me there and then.

Our journey has been a true rollercoaster with tears and laughter. We have built a team, lost a team and rebuilt a team. It took a while to get going but now we are REALLY enjoying our Forever journey and we have a fabulous, hardworking team who keep us on our toes. The business has given us the ability to buy a lovely new car and replace our old, but loyal, KA. We are starting to pay off debts and we have set a date to move into a bigger house; just one of our many goals. The future is unbelievably exciting and we can’t wait to help our team achieve their goals as well. Forever has changed our lives - we now see a future where we can live the life we deserve rather than the life we settle for!