Taking control


I'm a single mum to a beautiful little girl called Maddison. Before I had my daughter, I worked full time as a special needs teacher and spent weekends working in retail. I didn’t hate my jobs, but I knew my lifestyle wouldn’t work around a new born baby. As soon as my daughter came along, I left my job at the school and picked up more hours in retail. I then started my own sweet business; this brought in extra income, although it was unreliable. Maddison’s dad told me I wasn’t having a penny off him and I’d never be able to afford to bring Maddison up on my own – I knew I had to prove him wrong.

I was approached by my upline, Rainbow, who asked me to be her guest at the Business Presentation. Truthfully, I only went because I couldn't ignore her any longer! However, I saw the opportunity straight away and signed up.

When I attended my first Success Express day, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of successful people that were in the business – normal people like me and you. I left with a new-found fire and went home to swap my products with Forever’s. I knew that if I wanted to sell the products, I had to believe in them.

But something was still holding me back: I was letting my past and post-traumatic stress disorder creep back into my life; every time someone said they were proud of me, I wouldn’t accept their praise. I didn’t believe good things should happen to me. I was assaulted when I was younger, which really affected me, and I needed to feel like I was in control again.

I started to work on my business after Maddison went to bed; I made sure I spoke to absolutely everyone I knew, and I overcame my fear of sending out the Personal Use Product Pack by giving it to a complete stranger – she phoned me an hour later and asked to join my team! I had completely changed my mind-set, and instead I woke up and told myself I was going to get a new team member – and I did just that.

There have been many times where I‘ve felt I’ve been fighting the world, so joining Forever was life changing. Now I am able to have control of my business and my daughter’s future, and the amount of support and praise I get is incredible.