Something to do together

June and Len

June and Len live in Nottingham and enjoy working their business together…

Back in 2003 we were in our fifties and we started to think about how we might bridge the gap and transition from working full-time, while still making an income as we moved towards retirement. I had started to use some of Forever’s products and having had really positive results taking the Forever Freedom Drinking Gel, we decided to join the business. I enjoyed retailing the products and building a team. We realised that this was something that we could do, we were having success, and so eighteen months later I decided to leave my job with Len following suit two years after that. As cautious people, we took our time transitioning as we wanted to be absolutely certain that a Forever business would work for us over time. It was lovely to be working something together and nineteen years on is still something that we both enjoy.  

While I was confident in my work environment, starting a Forever business took us both out of our comfort zones. Len was painfully shy and yet what we have both discovered is that when you go outside of what you have been used to, you surprise yourself. Developing our Forever business has given us a greater sense of belief in our abilities to be able to do something new and different, and that thinking has stayed with us. Our eyes have been opened to what is possible, we have expanded our thinking, and because of what we have done we are able to help others to see that too; that you really can re-imagine your life, as we have.

Apart from the financial benefits, we have enjoyed seven Global Rally trips held in some wonderful locations when we qualified for Chairman’s Bonus. Being involved in Forever has brought so much into our lives; experiences and meeting people who we now count as friends, and amazing support from Forever’s team. It’s kept us both young. What is priceless however, is that Forever gave us time with our aging parents.

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