Secrets of Success

Lynne J

Lynne was fed up, demotivated and disillusioned with her role as an executive PA when she was introduced to Forever in 1996...

Straight away, I was attracted to the huge flexibility and potential offered by the Company and I started to work my Forever business alongside my full-time job.  Within a year I had given up my job and, not one to do things by halves, became pregnant with twin boys!  I realised that the business would enable me to be true to an important value of mine which was to stay at home with our children whilst, at the same time, develop a successful career and income.

Was it a bed of roses?  Was it easy?  Absolutely not and to be quite honest, I didn’t expect it to be. I knew that this was a business and not ‘just a little thing’ I was doing for pin money.  I knew I would have challenges, up days and down days, and I knew I had to keep focused and true to my values and the vision of what I wanted for my family.  Having a clear vision has helped me to develop a successful business and the incentives which Forever offers are the ‘icing on the cake’.

Over the years, I have had and achieved many goals. However, one of the biggest was to afford for my children to go to private schools. I wanted to be the mum who could attend all the school events, collect my children from school every day so I could hear all about their day, not have to worry about school holidays and having to find child care, but more than that, enjoy that time with them.  I am proud to say that Alex and Dan attended top private schools in the area from the ages of five to eighteen, and we’ve had lots of fun in the school holidays over many years. I was one of the few mums who never said ‘I can’t wait for school to start again!’

Thanks to Forever, my children and I have travelled the world together; Dallas, Houston, Mexico, Hawaii, Mauritius, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Washington and the Bahamas.  Life experiences that, if it wasn’t for developing a successful business with Forever, I doubt we would have had – priceless!

My children were my major driving force and still are today. However, what also motivates me is to help others with the Forever opportunity.  I believe that if we genuinely ask ourselves how what we can offer can be of benefit to others and then help those people to achieve the success they are looking for, we can build inspirational and successful businesses together.

With both boys at university, I am now looking to the future, and having a successful Forever business gives me the option to explore new things - which is very exciting!