Relished Developing Social Connections

Assistant Manager // Aimee Cross

Sponsor // Catherine Wright

Aimee Cross (31) lives in Swindon with her husband and two children. Contacted on LinkedIn while on maternity leave and under threat of redundancy she took the plunge, started her own Forever business, and hasn’t looked back.

How did you discover Forever?

“Following a business degree and progressing my career in retail logistics/supply chain roles, I currently work as a warehouse operations director for a large national retail chain. I started to explore other ways of earning an income when I was on maternity leave with my second child as I was under threat of redundancy and not sure whether I would have a job to return to.”

“I was cold contacted on LinkedIn and the timing was such that I was open to exploring this message from a virtual stranger. I had very little understanding of the network marketing sector, but I do love and understand retail and I completely embraced the products and, the C9 which I am passionate about.” 

How did you start your business?

“So, two years ago I took the plunge and signed up and went to work learning about the products, developing my retail customer base and building a network through stalls and events.  I love physical events and meeting people; I have found them to be the absolute best way of making connections and finding new customers. I have reached out to organisations such as the WI, Aviva and Bupa, and given talks about the C9 either in person or over webinars about how it works and its benefits.”

“I was delighted when I reached the Assistant Manager in the Marketing Plan recently with my best month of sales.  I have around 250 customers who place around 40 orders each month so it’s a good solid retail base.  Having shielded all the way through my maternity leave because of the pandemic and in truth feeling quite lonely, I have relished developing social connections again.”

What do you love most about Forever?

“I do see Forever as my long-term plan; I have always felt driven to run my own business. Forever makes it so simple to get started and I love the incentives; it is so wonderful to travel.” 

“The experience over the past two years has completely opened my eyes to a new way of working.  The income is making a difference to our household and while I do events at the weekends my husband has been able to cut back on his work, so we are both able to be together on Wednesdays (when I don’t work) so we are all enjoying and benefitting from the flexibility that Forever offers.”

How have you used social media to support your business?

I am building a team now and am looking to step back from the corporate world.  Social media is also a focus of mine. I’ve developed my Instagram from the ground up to a following now of over 14,000.  I enjoy being creative. I use humor and have a lot of fun with it. I don’t promote products on my grid, I keep my product posts confined to my stories.  I keep it light, entertaining, interesting, and relatable.  People engage with me, and I have a lot of fun with it.  Who knew that a message on LinkedIn could have opened a whole new world? I can’t wait to see where my Forever journey takes me.”

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