Reawaken those dreams


Before I joined Forever in August 2014, I was a ballet and contemporary dancer. My career sadly ended when an injury forced me to retire and without a clue of what else to do, I trained as a Pilates teacher. I had studied Pilates and body conditioning throughout my time at dance school so it felt like a natural progression and I really enjoyed it. At twenty-four I had qualified to teach and I soon found myself teaching up to thirty hours per week. Although the hours were tiring and very unsociable, I did enjoy my job; knowing that I was helping people feel better and improving their lives a little made it worthwhile. However, when I fell pregnant with my daughter, now six, and then my son, now four, I decided to stay at home with them instead – I did this for four years.

After some time I realised I had to return to work – I needed the income. However I didn’t want to work the long, unsociable hours that I did before so I returned to teaching for nine hours a week but, even though my husband has a good steady job, money was still tight.

My dear friend (and now sponsor) introduced me to Forever. I was amazed at the income she was earning yet she was completely flexible and at home with her boys. I signed up after meeting her for a presentation and got started with my product launches. I honestly thought that my friends and family would love the products and opportunity too, but sadly the majority of them had no interest; no-one provided any support and this really knocked my confidence.

It hasn’t been the easiest of journeys as I’ve had to work on my self-belief, create a positive mindset and develop a thick skin. I have a huge vision board that I focus on each day – it reminds me why I’m doing this – and I finally feel that all the dreams I dared not to dream can now be achieved.