Perseverance paid off

Paul and Alicia

I’d spent 15 years in secondary education, but a couple of years ago I knew it wasn’t for me anymore; it certainly wasn’t something I wanted to do until retirement. I tried the police and the fire service, but they weren’t recruiting and starting at the bottom with bills and a mortgage wasn’t feasible financially either – I needed a real alternative.

I didn’t discover Forever by accident. My in-laws, Chris and Alan, have a very successful business with Forever, but it still took me three years to ask about it. Eventually Alan showed me how it worked, and I liked that it was a business that helped other people. I knew instantly that I’d found my escape vehicle and since my wife, Alicia, has been around the business for half her life, I knew it was something we could do together.

In January 2014 my eyes were opened by a training session; hearing the speakers made me realise that people were just like me and it was a real moment of clarity. I understood that something needed to change –I had to get stuck in, take it seriously and do the activity rather than procrastinate. I pictured the day I would leave work, and every time we made a step to build our team, I enjoyed thinking how that day was getting closer. As we persevered, we started to see the importance of consistency and developing good business-building habits.

I am now leaving teaching altogether this July, which will give me more time to devote to Forever and help our business to grow even quicker. We have a fantastic team of people all striving to achieve their own goals, and we are so proud of them. This is an exciting moment for us, but for me the best thing will be having more time to spend with my family.

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