Overcoming Adversity


Daiana moved to the UK from Romania seven years ago…

Before Forever I was employed full time as an optical advisor, I did this for six years. I am also a part time student, studying Civil Engineering at university – I’m due to finish the course in January.

I came across Forever on Facebook. I saw someone from Romania who was doing the business and she sent me a friend request, so I started following her. She would post pictures with her children and husband and would talk about how this opportunity allowed her to work flexibly. It sparked my interest, and I would imagine what it would be like if I could have that too. I contacted her to ask more about it and she invited me to a Business Presentation. I was so excited, I started straight away. I had just gone back to work from maternity leave at the time, so it was already a big change for me. Working full time Monday to Friday then studying at the weekend, I was already really stressed. I did panic as I didn’t know many people in this country, but I knew I needed to change something otherwise life would always be this way.

A lot of people didn’t understand why I was doing it in the beginning, they would think, ‘You’ve got a good job and are going to university – why do you need to do this?’ My husband was very supportive though and told me I only had to focus on the people inside Forever, he told me to look at what they were doing and just keep going. I felt I had to at least give it a chance.

My biggest motivation for my business was to have more time with my little one. I realised that we all have twenty-four hours and it’s really important how we organise our time. It was difficult in the beginning; I would get up an hour early to work on my business before going into work and I’d put any spare time during my lunchbreak and in the evenings once my daughter was in bed into my business. I used every spare minute I had and, step-by-step, I started finding new people and moving up the Marketing Plan. I continued working while I got my Forever business off the ground but decided it was time to resign once I got to Manager level and was earning enough to cover my salary.

My journey so far has been quite challenging. I left my job in November and I had a really good two months where I rapidly grew my business, but then I found out I was pregnant. Even though I wanted a second child I was not expecting it to happen then. My first child was born prematurely at twenty-six weeks and the doctors predicted I would go into labour early again. I was very ill from January to March – it was a really hard time for me. Despite undergoing a procedure to prolong my pregnancy, I started experiencing symptoms, so my doctor told me I had to stay in bed. We had to cancel our holiday and I couldn’t go to Success Day. I had made gifts to give my team at Success Day and I was so upset to miss it, so my husband attended for me and took pictures.

I was really frustrated that everything was not going the way I’d planned, but what kept me going was knowing I needed to be there for my team. We have a virtual meeting every Tuesday and I didn’t miss one. They would all tell me I looked unwell, because I was unwell, but I was there. My relationship with my sponsor really helped me during this time too. I would go to her for advice and she helped me figure out how to adapt to the situation.

I love the fact that I work for myself; I have the freedom of time and I have financial freedom. My business has also given me personal development. I used to be scared of meeting new people when I was working in sales, whether that be over the phone or face-to-face, but actually now it’s what I enjoy the most! I never thought I could gain leadership skills. Everywhere I’ve ever worked I’ve tried to stay with the team, never go above. I was really afraid that I wouldn’t be good enough to help other people grow but then I realised that you don’t have to be perfect, people like to see a real person. In fact, it’s easier to connect because you’re not perfect. I started to relax and just be friendly. I met most of my team online, I didn’t know 90% of them before Forever and now we are all growing together. It makes me happy that I can give this opportunity to others, to help them change their lives too.

I am excited about the future because I know Forever is the business that can give me everything I want – a nice house and a better life for my children. Even if it takes me three, five, ten or fifteen years - I know it will give me what I want. And I think if I can do what I have done so far, given the challenges I have had to deal with, then I can do so much more in the future.

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