Nothing will stop me now


I’ve been with Forever now for about four months but I worked my way up to Supervisor in just five weeks. I’m deaf, therefore it is very hard for me to communicate; it’s been hard for me to approach people, but I am proud of what I have achieved.

My background is in computer engineering and I started my own computer repair business back in 2003. I’ve always dreamed of having an office with lots of other computer engineers, but unfortunately for me, that never happened. My business suffered badly back in 2008 when Woolworths, amongst other companies, went bust; they owed my company a lot of money. For years I’ve been trying to let go; I always thought I would get my big office, but unfortunately I had used up all my savings and I ended up with nothing.

In 2010 I had a nervous breakdown; I ended up in hospital and I was there for a long time – I suffer from depression and anxiety but I had hit rock bottom. My best friend, Tavis, came to visit me in hospital and he helped get me back on my feet. Tavis managed to get me a job working with him at Gatwick airport, and I was able to save up so that we could go on a three-week holiday to Canada and New York. It was 2011 and it was my first ever big holiday.

In 2013 Tavis moved out to Canada to live and it felt like I’d lost my best friend. I busied myself and spent most of my time looking after my three beautiful daughters – Tia, Caitlyn and Cerys – and I started up another computer company, but I still wasn’t earning enough. Then, in April 2014, my son, Brooklyn, was born. I knew I needed to get another job that would provide some extra income, but this proved hard due to health and safety laws.

In July this year, Tavis came back from Canada and he introduced me to Forever. I was already using the products but I had no idea that I could start my own business. When he told me, I decided to go along to my local BP and I joined that same night.

I knew the business would be hard but I’m not letting that stop me or get in my way. I go to all the trainings and BPs and I always walk away having learnt something new. I have also started up my own BP and made subtitled videos so that I can encourage and coach other deaf people to live their dreams. I want to help and support deaf people all over the world, helping them to be a part of this loving Forever family.