New beginnings

Neil S

It was February 2009 when I heard the phrase, “You can’t change your life if you don’t change your thinking!” At the time, I never really realised how true those words could be, and it wasn’t until I decided to give it a go, when I decided to change my mindset, that I experienced the reality first hand…

My background is in the construction industry and when I was twenty-four I became a qualified scaffolder. It was a profession that earned me a decent wage and one that involved a lot of travel, often overseas, and I stayed in this field for the best part of twenty-five years.

My world changed in May 2008 when I suffered a near fatal accident. Whilst dismantling scaffolding, I lost my balance after getting caught on a nail, and I fell approximately twenty feet. The impact shattered both my heels, my left wrist and arm, I broke my back in two places and I suffered a crushed disc. After having major surgery, I was told I wouldn’t work again and that there was a chance I may never walk again! I wasn’t really sure how to take the news, but I knew I wasn’t going to listen – I had to work, I needed to replace my income and I certainly wanted to walk again. I realised that my career in construction was over but I had no idea what else to do – scaffolding was the only profession I knew.

When my wife Julie and I were introduced to Forever I was very sceptical, but I was still determined to keep an open mind so we decided to give it a go. It took me a while to process all the information and although I realised the opportunity could replace the income I had lost, I just wasn’t sure about the products – how could a guy from construction sell moisturiser and face wash? Then I remembered that phrase, “You can’t change your life if you don’t change your thinking”, and I realised it was time for me to change.

Forever has given me the chance to develop a whole new career and lifestyle and I now build the business alongside Julie. It turns out that when you have passion for something, it’s easy to recommend that something to others, and I am so passionate about so many of Forever’s products – I’m able to speak from experience, and the sixty-day satisfaction guarantee backs me up! The best thing Forever has given us is time.  When I was a scaffolder I worked silly hours, and as a result, I missed my daughter Tara growing up, but now we have family time when we want to, not when someone else decides we can!