Never Just a Mum


Before Forever, Tanya was a stay at home mum for thirteen years...

I have 3 children, so I had not had a ‘job’ for a long time. I’d tried my hand at arts/crafts type businesses when the kids were little, and just before Covid I started my own nail salon from home, to give me that flexibility around my children and start contributing towards the family. Covid put pay to this which is why I started pursuing Forever – I had joined the business initially to retail alongside my nail salon which I was doing unsuccessfully!

I achievd Manager in six months during the first lockdown, something which I am massively proud of. I didn’t even want a planning meeting when I joined the business and just kind of fell into the throws of it. I continue to build my business and enjoy the changes I can make in people’s lives, however long or short their time with the business is.

Before I joined Forever, I would describe myself as unconfident and unsure, but now I would say I am confident. Although I’m still a ‘work in progress’ I have definitely found ‘me’ after so long being at home with the kids and losing my identity.

I have to say that when I reached Supervisor position it was a huge achievement for me. I remember starting to believe in myself, patting myself on the back and thinking ‘I did that’. So, although reaching Assistant Manager and Manager were huge, Supervisor was the one that reminded me of how far I had come from just being ‘mum’ and made me realise my worth - it was full speed from there!

My kids drive me because they see me achieving and are my biggest supporters! They see how hard I work and how passionate I am about the products, the customers, and my team. My eldest, 14, also joined me in hosting a ‘teenage wellbeing’ evening!

I am inspired by all of the other people in Forever I know who were ‘just’ a mum before they started. They have overcome so much and achieved so much in business, in themselves and I believe are better parents because of it! Every day I am surrounded by so much support from people just the same as me and it makes me want to do better!

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