Mum's the Word


Martina was looking for an alternative to returning to her job in advertising sales after her maternity leaveā€¦

I came across another mum on social media who seemed to be leading the flexible life that I craved. At first I was sceptical but once I connected with and got to know her a little better I realised the opportunity was in fact genuine and that Forever offered me a viable alternative so that I could be a stay at home mum and still earn an income. This was back in June 2020 when my son was five months old. I was absolutely starting from scratch; I didn’t have a large network on social media and in fact was not a great user of social media at all. I started a mum’s group called Meet Suffolk Mums where mums could meet online or in person. It was a safe space where people came together for support; to get their questions answered and feel less isolated. Health visitors still weren’t visiting mums at this time so the group filled a gap for many. Over time this community has grown to over 3,500 mums which I still can’t quite believe. It feels good to be doing something that people find helpful. It takes time to build relationships but it is proving to be beneficial in developing both new retail customers and more recently new team members who see what I am doing and want to do it too.

In June this year I decided to commit to hosting stalls at physical events, giving out samples and making up gifts using Forever’s products. I enjoyed the creativity and the people it brought me into contact with helped me grow both my retail income and my network. I am a genuine advocate of the products so feel confident in talking about them and recommending them. It takes time but last month I sold products to eighty-two customers and made over £700 profit. This really makes a difference to our household. 

I feel lucky to be leading the life I am and am a completely different person to the one who started her Forever business eighteen months ago. I have more confidence and self-esteem and I play an active part in team trainings. At one time I would never have imagined myself doing a live video, and now I do them quite happily. I even started my own podcast about network marketing as an educational piece to help people understand how it works. Amazing things really do happen when you step out of your comfort zone. Now I am that mum on Facebook living my life on my own terms - I couldn’t be happier!


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