Motivated by my desire to help others

Supervisor // Katarzyna Bartczak

Sponsor // Monika Walkiewicz

Katarzyna, a hairstylist, artist and mum of two horses, moved to Ireland from Poland over seven years ago. She started her Forever business just a few months ago and has already achieved an incentive recognition as she moves towards her goals.

Tell us a bit about your background:

I came to Ireland quite by chance. I owned an established hairdressing salon in central Poland but was considering changing location and moving to the south. I started looking for hairdressing positions as a first step, but Google had different ideas and kept showing me jobs in Ireland. I decided to follow Google’s guidance! I applied for the position and got the job. Three weeks later, I had sold my salon and made the move. I was working in hair salons for around 15 months in Ireland before I invested in my own.

What are some of your passions in life?

My other passions include art, cycling, water sports and horses. Since childhood, I dreamed of owning horses and got my first one nearly eleven years ago while in Poland, bringing him to Ireland with me.

I have been painting since I was a child. I had a great art teacher who was very encouraging and supportive. Aged 14, I was meant to go to an art secondary school; but I didn’t as I lacked confidence. After leaving school, I started work in a veterinary clinic and spent weekends studying in Hairdressing College. Aged 21, I opened my first hair studio.

Why did you decide to join Forever?

A few years ago, I started thinking about Network Marketing and how I would like to be involved in the industry. I wanted more freedom, to be able to spend more time with my horses, have more autonomy and the ability to pursue my other interests, develop my skills in open water swimming and painting.

I undertook a massive programme of personal development during lockdown: including mindset, meditation and self-care. I also started adventure with winter dips. Late last year, as my physical issues related to hairdressing started bothering me more, I decided it was time to start in Network Marketing to help generate a second income stream in case I needed to give up my work in the salon.

‘Ask the Universe’, they say… In March, through watching a Ted Talk with Jacek Walkiewicz – a well-known Polish psychologist and author – I found Forever. He is the husband of Monika Walkiewicz (Poland’s no 1 Forever business owner), and it is through Jacek that I came across Monika and Forever. The products in health and wellness resonated with my healthy lifestyle, but I also saw the chance to help others as listening to my clients in the hair salon, I know their problems and was often already advising them. I was also impressed by the Marketing Plan and the possibility of working from literally anywhere, which could give me the freedom I am looking for.

What are your plans for the future?

I am considering a move to Spain in the future and stepping back from hairdressing. I would like to run horse healing and art retreats as part of my desire to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Forever fits into that naturally, helping people and animals.

My goal is to reach Sapphire on the Marketing Plan within five years and I am hugely motivated by my desire to help others and to help people grow.