Living the dream


Julianna has been involved in Forever since 2009, but in the beginning she had to overcome her self-doubt, and believe that her dreams really could become reality...

How has your life changed since becoming an FBO?

Before Forever I was working as a team leader for Lloyds TSB Insurance, but the role didn’t provide the security and flexibility I was looking for; ultimately I wanted to be my own boss. I honestly don’t know where I would be today if I was still working for Lloyds; my previous partner left me with £33,000 worth of debt and there is no way I would have been able to pay that off on my previous income. Plus the financial constraint would have meant I’d struggle to start a family. Now I'm about to get married, I’m completely debt-free, my monthly income is double what my annual salary used to be, and I am able to give my children everything, including being around for them at home.

Today my life is unrecognisable: I am living in my dream house, driving amazing cars, and I honestly don't have a worry in the world. Forever has given me complete peace of mind. Sometimes, when I think about my life, I think I'm dreaming; any minute I’ll wake up and be back in reality. So when I do actually digest that it is real, and it is happening to me – a little girl who now lives on the side of a mountain in Pontypool – I can't help but burst into tears. It’s so overwhelming.

Was your progression to Sapphire an easy achievement?

It definitely took a lot of hard work and dedication. I had to work on myself – my mind-set and self-belief – but I think the activities surrounding recruitment are actually fairly simple. Working on my inner-self was certainly the hardest part for me to overcome since I grew up in a family that constantly struggled; I just couldn’t get used to the idea of having more than I’d always known. I learnt a lot from Dave O'Connor and Natalie; they helped me believe that it was within my grasp. I still have to work on my mind-set every day; I'm not the finished article (I doubt I ever will be), but I am more discerning about the way I think and the way I manage my time with people. I never ever thought that I’d have a life like I am living; I just didn't think stuff like this would happen to people like me.

How do you motivate your team?

I don't necessarily think you can motivate anyone; to be honest, to really succeed, I think they need to be willing and have that drive in them. But what I do think you can do is inspire someone. Encouraging others to find out what their goals and dreams are can really release someone into the business, and helping them to build up their mind-set, so that they believe in themselves, will enable them to realise that they can achieve anything if they put their mind to it.

What useful advice would you like to share?

My advice will always be to stay active: continue to contact five brand new people a day, be persistent and consistent, and come from a place of contribution – I always try to take myself off the agenda so that others can reach their full potential. But most of all remember that your mind-set is the most important aspect; it is this that can have significant influence on you and your success.

Julianna’s progression within Forever has enabled her to get involved in various opportunities, including her embracing the role of MC at our April Success Day. You can hear more about her experience on by watching her video in the April Success Express section. During this short clip, Julianna offers an inspiring insight into what it’s like on stage and behind the scenes during this exciting event.

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