Living a Different Life


Andile lives in Dublin. Her life today is very different from the one she left behind in Zimbabwe seven years ago…

It was 2016 and I had finished studying Agribusiness at University. My family and I were eking out a living on our farm. I was browsing through Facebook when I first came across the concept of Forever. I found that one of my cousins in South Africa was working their own Forever business, I was intrigued and started to use the toothgel as it was all I could afford at the time. I decided to start a business for myself, in a very small way. I would drive to South Africa to pick up products then drive back to Zimbabwe and sell them; mostly toothgels and the aloe drinking gel. From this very small start I had a feeling that the opportunity could develop into something that would transform my life. I didn’t quite know how I would do this; we were poor and I was in an unhealthy relationship that I knew I had to extract myself from, and that was going to be difficult.

With a leap of faith in 2019 I arrived in Ireland as a refugee aged 32, leaving my old life behind me. It was not easy, I did not know anyone and my closest relatives, two sisters, were living in the UK. I lived in accommodation with other refugees for 11 months and while my paperwork was being processed I did volunteer work and attended church. I found a community that was welcoming and I started to share the products with everyone I met. I persuaded my sisters to join my team and they did; to support me rather than with any real intent for developing their own Forever businesses.

Within a short time, my two sisters embraced the business. Sija was home schooling her children and was keen to reduce her nursing hours. She came over to Ireland to help me develop my skills in contact marketing. I was shy and had no idea how to approach people. I was keen to learn and it was wonderful to have my own sister coach me as my sponsor had left the business. I believe life rewards us when we take chances and are prepared to do what it takes. I grew in confidence, built my business and even met my now husband who was also a refugee and became a customer of the products. We now have a baby son and a happy family life. During lockdown, I focused on working the business over Facebook and I have continued with this as it fits perfectly around being a new mum. Having gone to an international boarding school, I have friends all over the world as far flung as Malaysia and the Seychelles.

I have progressed up the marketing plan and financially I am now comfortable. I used to care for my grandmother after she had a stroke and my Forever income is funding my further studies – a BA in Social Care so that I can continue to work with the elderly, something that I enjoy and think is important. I am also able to send money home to my family. I think having a vision has helped to sustain me and keep me going even when the way forward was not clear. Through Forever, my life and that of my two sisters has been transformed - we are happy, healthy and prosperous. I am proof that anything is possible!

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