Like Mother, Like Daughter

Manager // Aine and Hannah

Aine started her Forever business six years ago. Raising her four children in Lurgan, Ireland, she had been a stay at home mum for 10 years leading a privileged and comfortable lifestyle...

Following the breakdown of my marriage and subsequently discovering that the family home was not paid for, my perfect life disintegrated. While I had successfully owned and run three hat boutiques prior, after such a long time out of the workplace I felt my skillset was obsolete and my confidence was at an all time low. I didn’t know how I would start over. The job market looked daunting and my number one priority was to provide stability for my children who had already been through so much.

I was introduced to Forever by the Principal of a local school. The Forever opportunity ticked all the boxes and it was a whirlwind in the beginning; I learned by doing, and with incredible support my confidence and skills grew. I achieved Manager in less than four months.

While I started my business as an income lifeline, through hard work I also achieved some of the company incentives such as car plan and qualified for all expenses trips to Costa Navarino in Greece and Arizona. It was on the expenses paid trip to Greece that I fully appreciated what this business could mean to me and my family. Financial independence and security certainly but recognition too.  When I met Rex, Forever’s founder, on my trip to Arizona it was a hugely emotional moment for me. I remember thinking, I am so grateful to you and this company for giving me a future. I’ll never forget it.

I am a very different person to that scared, anxious woman starting my Forever journey. Forever has empowered me; taking me back to the girl that I was when I was playing All Ireland Camogie at a high level. I thought she had disappeared forever, but no here she was still, and I am proud of that resilience.

I am inspired by my children and marvel at their capacity to handle change having been re-homed three times. All four have completed, or are in University education. My youngest daughter Hannah, and twin of Olivia, now 20 started her own Forever business aged 18 after being inspired by mine.

Hannah has watched my success and says that financial independence and flexibility are key drivers for her. Hannah attends University in Belfast and is training to be a teacher. On graduating she plans to live and teach in Dubai while running her Forever business alongside. Last year in the midst of the pandemic she was able to buy and insure her own car, which she said was hugely empowering and, as the world opens up again it is her intention to have the freedom to travel more.

We are both are motivated in our desire to help others by sharing the business opportunity having experienced first-hand how life-changing Forever is. We work well together because of the mix of ages between our teams; Hannah helps the students and younger team members focusing on Forever’s skincare while I focus on health and wellness.

Hannah says, “My generation are more open to network marketing; it is only when they think they can’t do it that they take a prejudiced view. My age-group lives their lives online we are not afraid to talk about things. I think we are less judgmental, more open and certainly side hustles are widely accepted. We are much more embracing of a portfolio career.”

She adds, “My mum has been and continues to be a huge source of inspiration to me. Through all the adversity we have faced it has made us stronger, more independent, more successful. As my mum often says, Forever grows people.”

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