Life Changing


Forever allowed Emma to help her son at a time when he needed it most…

My background is quite varied. I started my working life in the Royal Navy at seventeen. I have also worked in mental health with the homeless and have owned two traditional businesses. I went on to get married and now have three children aged twenty-two, nineteen and eleven. 

Forever found me on May 31st 2015. I had spent two years at home looking after my youngest. I was virtually unemployable as Frankie had some huge struggles at school and I could never guarantee my availability to work due to being called into meetings and having to collect him from school early (if we were actually able to get him to school).

I suffered with severe anxiety and found it very difficult to go out on my own. One day whilst in a very dark place, I spoke to my best friend from my Navy days and she said, "Come on Emma, you've been through worse!" This spurred me on to set up a cleaning business to bring in some income we were desperately seeking. I noticed one of the ladies I cleaned for was a Business Owner so I ordered some gel and asked if she was recruiting because I could see the potential. 

I recruited my first team member six days later and made supervisor in eight weeks. I gave up cleaning at this point because it was taking time away from my family. By the end of that year, Frankie was having huge difficulties and was struggling both socially and academically at school. Despite us moving him to a smaller school, he was around two years behind and really suffering daily. 

That’s when I decided to make a change. I visited a private school without telling my husband and immediately knew that this was the school for him. I rang my husband and told him that the school had Frankie written all over it; so I got to work…

In January, I made Assistant Manager and in February I made Manager. Instead of waiting until the new school year, we were able to secure a place for him that Easter. In just one term he went from being behind in everything to contributing regularly in class. Frankie has gone from not wanting to do sports day to being in every school fixture possible, he is invited to parties, he has friends and he won the school cup for his positive contribution to others! 

When he started he hated reading and struggled immensely. His English teacher has recently shared that as a teacher you get a few goosebump moments, one of those being when Frankie stood up in class and read two pages of a book to the whole class. MY BOY CAN READ! He came down from his room one day and sat next to me, reading. It was such a special moment when he said, "I love this book mum!"

Forever has done so much more than I could ever explain. Frankie is a 'Forever kid' through and through and we are incredibly proud to be a part of the Forever family. It has been truly life-changing. It has allowed me to be the best Mum I can be, teaching my children they can achieve anything.