Life and legacy


Georgia started her business back in January 2014 at the age of 19…

At the time, my eldest daughter Maiya was only four months old and I was looking for something that would allow me to work from home. I didn’t want to miss out on any time with my daughter but at the same time I wanted to be successful.

Before Maiya was born, I always imagined myself going to university to become a psychologist but found myself in a situation where I wanted to leave college and make my own money. I started working in an admin role temporarily which is where I met my partner Craig. We quickly fell pregnant with Maiya, and whilst doing a psychology university course from home, I came across Forever.

I had never heard of the company before and didn’t know the person who was presenting it to me, but I quickly saw that it ticked every box I was looking for. I really did not want to go back to a job that I hated and miss out on the important milestones of my daughter’s life. The idea of being at home with our little girl, but at the same time becoming successful was perfect for me!

The income potential blew me away, not to mention the incentives the company had to offer, I’d have been crazy not to get started. So, I did! I believed from day one that I would make this a success; there was no other option. We had been massively struggling financially, with me being on maternity leave, and Craig in and out of jobs, so I got to work! Within four months I achieved my first promotion which allowed me to not have to return to work. It also proved to me that I could do this - I just needed to work harder! Fifteen months into my business I achieved the position of Manager which gave us an income that we as a couple had never earned before in our previous jobs, even combined. This allowed Craig to become a stay-at-home dad also, which was a huge goal of mine as he was missing out on so much with our little girl. This was unbelievable for us as it was such a huge goal and it continued for almost three years, where he then decided to set up a business with his brother.

Very quickly after Manager, we achieved the car incentive, where initially we didn’t get a car, we kept the extra money for other things. We’ve also been lucky enough to experience the global travel incentive - we went to Greece all paid for by the company. It was absolutely mind-blowing and such an experience for us!

The beauty of this business is that in order to become successful yourself, you need to help other people become successful. That is the most rewarding thing in the world! After a very difficult couple of years personally, losing my uncle and dad in the same year, this business has never failed me - in fact it’s been my absolute rock and what’s driven me through the tough times. We’ve gone on to have our second beautiful baby girl, Marnie, and I’m now on a mission greater than ever before!

Business is growing rapidly, and I recently reached number fourteen Open Business in the UK and we’ve just bought a beautiful Audi. I can’t possibly put into words how I feel about this company. Forever has given me the most incredible vision for our future. I have goals that I honestly believe I’d never have had if Forever hadn’t come into our lives. The self-development journey I’ve been on and the life skills it’s taught me that I am now passing onto my children, money simply can’t buy! I am and will forever be grateful to this incredibly generous company. It’s not just a business to me, it’s my life and a legacy for our children!

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