Law and Order


Philomena's background is in law and she spent many years working as a legal advisor to the Kenyan community in Britain. Although she was very successful in her career, she was struggling to achieve work-life balance and found herself bogged down with work, financial commitments and stress...

I was finishing my Master’s degree when I first came across Forever, and despite the stress, my intention was always to continue working in the legal sector. I decided I’d try running a Forever business alongside my legal career, and although initially I found some aspects outside of my comfort zone, I was determined to take back control of my life. I continued juggling the two roles for some time but was amazed when I realised I was financially able to give up my legal job – it took less than two years to get to this point, which is pretty amazing when you realise I had only been working the business in my spare time!

I decided to shift my career and focus on Forever full-time. I was pretty excited, as although it was a big step, the move felt right. I’d spent the last two years building up my confidence, I enjoyed every aspect of the work involved, and I was in a place where I fully understood what it would take to build a successful business – it was a no-brainer and the best decision I have ever made.

Around the same time, Forever was starting to establish itself in East Africa. I grew up in Kenya so I had a lot of connections over there – family, friends, former class mates, etc. – so I decided to move back to Kenya to help the company build up its presence. In the beginning, there were no trainings available, so I initially opened an office where I could deliver trainings and have meetings with new business owners or people interested in learning more. By doing this I was able to grow a strong team and as a thank you the company rewarded us with cash incentives and global travel.

I continued working in Kenya for almost two years and left to return to the UK once the people I had trained had developed a strong foundation of their own. When I reflect on what’s been achieved over the years, I am amazed – I am so glad I decided to take the chance! My journey with Forever has been financially rewarding and I certainly have the work-life balance I was searching for, but I’ve also created many friendships along the way. In fact, my Forever friends are more like family to me now.