In pursuit of happiness


I'm a single mother to a beautiful three year old boy called Alexander; he has been my source of true happiness and comfort since losing my younger brother to suicide in 2009. When my brother died, I lost so much of who I was; I had no idea of how to be, and my sense of purpose derailed.

Although dealing with his death continues to be hard, I know I live a fortunate life: I have worked hard to build a solid career and run my own marketing consultancy – which provides a healthy income. I own my own home, I have family and wonderful friends, but even with this in place, my son was the only one who made me truly happy. However, I knew it was unfair to place the entire reason for my happiness on his tiny shoulders; it's far too much responsibility for someone so small.

I came to join Forever when Lucy approached me via LinkedIn. Although we had never met, we both worked at the same place during different times. She sent me a link to watch, and even though I didn’t understand anything about the business, I jumped straight in – I am always up for a piece of the action!

Since joining, there have been huge changes in me as a person, and I have finally found something that has given me direction – I now have a focus like I’ve never had before.

As I worked towards Supervisor, much of my time was spent getting to grips with the business and Marketing Plan. This enabled me to recruit confidently, but I also made sure I used and understood the products. I definitely have an emotional connection to the products and I’m able to recommend them to others with ease.

From a personal development point of view, Forever has encouraged me to do things I may not have done before: I have come out of my comfort zone, set goals, made big plans, learnt new skills and focused heavily on my mindset. All this has caused my inner confidence to grow to a level I didn't even know existed. I’m sure the money will come, but the way I feel now outweighs any monetary value – I have finally found something else that makes me happy.

Forever is the start of something huge in my life; I cannot wait to see where the journey takes me.