I have been able to thrive and become my best

Senior Manager // Gitte Joergensen

Sponsor // Tracy Pickles

Gitte is a mum of two and had a demanding career in the retail fashion supply chain when she moved to the UK. She discovered Forever and started her business 20 years ago while living and working in London.

Tell us a bit about your journey and why you decided to join Forever?

“I hadn’t been in the UK for long, and was feeling quite burned out with the demands of my work. I wasn’t expecting to stay in the UK longer than perhaps a couple of years; I’d worked in three countries before I moved here – having grown up in Denmark, I moved to Hong Kong in 1995 and then to Fiji. Given that I didn’t expect to stay, the fact that Forever provided a portable opportunity to develop a business anywhere appealed to me. I wanted to have more flexibility, time and long-term security, and I felt that Forever could ultimately give me that over time.

So, I decided to take on my Forever business alongside my very full-time job, and went to work on developing myself and the skills that I needed to become successful.  I was no stranger to hard work!  It was years before the start of social media, so to generate leads and build my network I was handing out thousands of leaflets and cards and putting myself out into the world via contact marketing. I felt really uncomfortable and scared just thinking about approaching strangers, but I was determined to find ways to build my business. I was also very reluctant to approach people I knew and made lots of ‘mistakes’, so this was one of the biggest learning curves.”

How has your fitness journey developed?

“During the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown, I decided to start running, mostly to maintain my mental energy and  because there was so little else that we could do.  I think my experience within Forever helped my running, and my running has helped me in Forever. Yes, you need to be physically prepared for the endurance needed, but it is the mindset that actually ‘makes you keep going’, so serious self-talk and self-belief are needed – for both.

My most active month was during September 2020, when I did two full marathons just three weeks apart, and in that month, I also squeezed in a half marathon, a 10k run and a 1,950m swim!  I am now 52 and completed my 50th half marathon earlier this year.  It isn’t something I set out to do; the number of races simply grew and running has become a way of life, similar to what my Forever business has become. I found that my recovery after races was so good that I could often do half marathons weekly, and many 100K runs on a consecutive monthly basis. I wasn’t pushing myself to ramp up a record of any kind.

How have Forever’s Products helped you with your fitness journey?

Forever’s products have been an integral part of my health and well-being, and never more so than since I started running. My favourite products that I use to support me are Forever Freedom each day, ARGI+ before and during running mixed in my water bottle, Forever Lite Ultra Chocolate pre-and post-running and FAB. I also use Aloe Cooling Lotion and Aloe MSM Gel to rub into muscles and joints both pre-and post-running. I also take many Forever supplements and my favourites are the Forever Arctic Sea, Forever Marine Collagen, Forever ImmuBlend, Forever Calcium and  Forever B12 Plus.  

What have you enjoyed about starting your own business and what would your advice be to anyone thinking about joining Forever or just starting up?

I have a business in many countries already, and I would love to grow my business even further internationally, although there is still so much incredible potential here in the UK with over 65 million people. I feel very fortunate to have this business with award-winning, quality products, and where you are able to help so many people. I have been able to thrive and become my best while working with the best.  

My advice to anyone starting out in Forever is to find the Forever products you truly ‘love’, and have authentic belief in yourself, the Forever company and the opportunity. You will be supported by Forever and your mentor, and with that support you will have the opportunity to design your life as you choose, with personal development and growth, that allows you to achieve your full potential. Finding your real ‘why’ and believing in yourself are key, alongside a great work ethic. Develop all of this, and you will succeed.”