High flyer

Julie J

Julie wanted to see the world so initially worked for a global travel agency...

Like most people, I never really knew what I wanted to be. All I knew was that I had to fulfil a yearning to travel and see the world. So, an obvious choice after university and backpacking was to start working for a global travel agency as a consultant, before working my way up to be a store manager. I loved it in my 20s, but a few years after becoming a manager, I just lost my passion for it. I was tired of my daily routine, commuting, and booking other people’s travel rather than my own. When I got pregnant with my children who are now five and six, I knew the long hours, along with the high cost of childcare in London just wouldn’t work. I wanted to be around to see those firsts, so I had to look at doing something else.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know about Forever at the time, so I retrained in beauty, so that I could work from home around the kids. Although I loved being my own boss, we started to struggle financially, running a business where if I didn’t work, I didn’t earn, and we had to start saying no to things.

I was offered the Forever opportunity by a good friend, and being completely honest I had no interest in listening to information about the business opportunity, I simply saw it as a way to earn an extra few hundred pounds a month retailing some products that I was loving using myself.

After making Supervisor in my second full month through retailing, I found myself telling people about the business opportunity and acquiring two team members. It was only after a training day five months into my journey that the penny dropped. From that moment on I treated Forever seriously. Even though I had limited hours, I could commit alongside another business and two pre-schoolers. Just two months after that training session I was promoted to Manager, and I took the children to Euro Disney for the first time with my first Manager’s pay cheque. I was now hooked and had found something I was truly passionate about, with a future that was looking a whole lot more exciting, flexible, and financially secure.

Alongside the great income I’ve travelled to South Africa, Greece and recently Dubai with Forever - all paid for and five-star. On the last trip to Dubai, I took my family with me and we extended to Australia for a month-long holiday to see family, friends and team members – something we could never have afforded previously. I’ve grown a truly global business, and have developed Managers in Australia and Singapore. I also have teams in New Zealand, South Africa and Europe – which means one thing, excuses for more travel! I’ve just got back from an amazing week in Singapore with my upline, and the fantastic team we have out there. Working from the top of Marina Bay Sands was a real pinch-me moment!

My focus now is about growing my business in the UK, and helping more Assistant Supervisors and Supervisors in my team reach that all-important Manager position and beyond, so that we can have global catch-ups at the Global Rally and Eagle Manager