Fuelled by Fitness


I joined the business through my love of the products and at that time I was also training to be a personal trainer...

I joined the business through my love of the products and at that time I was also training to be a personal trainer, a job which I thought would fit around the children and mean I didn't have to give up my passion – fitness! I'd been a stay-at-home mum for six years at this point; I was lucky as I didn’t have to work, but I really missed my financial independence and that sense of providing for the family. I spent the first year retailing, mainly the sports and weight management products, and I built a great retail business, but I was petrified when it came to building a team. I had little belief that anyone would listen to me and I worried about their opinions, so I sat happily at Supervisor for about ten months. Then, in February 2014, my third child was born and everything changed.

I met up with my upline who gave me a small nudge and I left that meeting with self-belief, a fire in my belly and a huge desire to have something more. I spent a lot of time working with my team, working on my self-development and learning to get better in all areas of the business, and I’ve developed a passion for helping others and seeing in them something they don't. I have recently separated from my husband and it’s been incredibly challenging, but Forever has given me the financial stability to start my life again. I now work Forever around three beautiful children and I've still not had to give up on my fitness passion. In fact, Forever has enabled me to achieve more. The products have changed my performance in the gym – I use Forever Aloe Vera Gel, Forever Arctic Sea and Argi+ daily, and Forever Pro X2 bars and Forever Lite Ultra are also staple snacks in my life.

I use my attitude to training in the gym to benefit my mindset in the business. When you want to achieve a goal in the gym you have to dedicate time to learning how that’s done, you have to be passionate and fired up enough so that the goal is tunnel vision, and you have to take daily consistent action! There will be tough days where you feel it’s not possible, but you just support yourself with a good coach who encourages you, and when you are training in the gym at times when others are out socialising, you hear things like 'lighten up' or 'you're crazy', but you go even on the days you don't want to because the goal is that important to you – my success in Forever has been down to applying this exact mindset to my business!