Freedom with Forever


Before joining Forever Akash was a top performer in financial services, but he was also one of thousands of financial advisers that were made redundant due to branch closures...

I started job-hunting but the run up to Christmas is never a good time to look for work. It was extremely stressful, and although I had many job offers from other banks, I had lost faith in companies and felt I was just a number.

In January 2015 an ex-colleague introduced me to Forever; I decided to buy the Business Owner Box as I thought the products would be good for the entire family, but I also got to work on the business. I enjoyed having more family time with my boys, aged five, three and one, and so the prospect of going back to corporate life – with the long hours, stress, and potential redundancy – was a situation I never wanted to be in again. I wanted to be able to hold on to the flexibility of working the hours I decided to work whilst spending time with my young family. For me there was no plan B – this business was going to have to work!

It required a leap of faith certainly, but what I learned very quickly was the simplicity behind the business model. In the early days I over-complicated things, but I am a quick learner and very coachable; I soon followed the basic principles: using and recommending the products, introducing the business to others and showing them how to do the same. This is network marketing in a nutshell.

So much of our identity is tied up with ‘our job’, and traditionally network marketing has been associated as a business for women. However, because there is such a wide range of products, it is possible to focus on certain ones that really resonate with you. I’ve always been interested in fitness, with Thai boxing in particular, so I am particularly invested in Forever Lite Ultra, the Aloe Vera Gel, Argi+ and the F.I.T. programme.

Almost one year on and I have nearly replaced my monthly corporate salary. I work with the most fantastic team of people and I’m very disciplined at contacting people every day. I speak with a lot of personal trainers and gym owners, and I’m proud that Fran – two times world kickboxing champion and owner of Eclipse, the UK’s largest kickboxing and Gracie Jiu Jitsu club – uses Forever products and is a part of my team.

It’s no secret that Forever is enjoying unprecedented growth in the UK and I think it’s because people have less faith in the corporate world. I’m certainly a different person to be around now: I’m less stressed, love my life and I simply cannot imagine doing anything else.