Forever Fits In The Pockets Of Time


Catriona was on maternity leave when she was first approached about Forever. Her son was five months old and she honestly didn’t believe she had time to run a business around her young family. But, after a bit of research, Catriona saw an opportunity that would eventually lead to the time freedom she craved…

My background is in account management and over the past eleven years I have worked my way up the career ladder. Although I love my job, it involves a lot of travelling and spending time away from home. My husband works in a similar role and weve learnt that organisation (and a lot of help from grandparents) is definitely the key to keeping on top of everything!

When I first started my Forever business, I saw products that I loved and a way to use the skills gained during my career to grow a business of my own. I originally saw it as an alternative to my career.  However, thirteen months later when it was time to return to work (four months later than I had initially planned), I realised that the extra income would allow us to start doing up our very old cottage. We now have a gorgeous new kitchen, our son has an amazing new bedroom, weve ticked numerous jobs off the list, and my husband is currently building an incredible fire pit in the back garden. All of these expenses featured on the goal board I made when I first started, and the satisfaction of ticking them off is just amazing. But none of this happened overnight! In the beginning, I put everything into Forever. I had four months left of maternity leave and I was determined to reach Manager in that time. I worked every moment I could, watched all the trainings available, and I am proud to say that I achieved my goal. Forever has helped me in my day job too; it has increased my confidence, its made me more positive, and most importantly I dont worry about the future anymore. Weve also been able to take some exciting family holidays over the past year, and we have lots more planned I want to show my son Archie the world!

One question I get asked often is, How do you have time? It certainly isnt easy sometimes I work fifty-hour weeks, but the beauty of Forever is that it fits into the pockets of time that I do have. Ive also learnt to make the most of every opportunity. I fly a lot so I speak to the air crew and airport staff, and when I spend time with my son I talk to other mums at soft play. The opportunity to meet people is everywhere, and by simply asking how someone is, you can find out all sorts of information thatll lead to you helping them. 

I am part of an incredible team, based mainly in Scotland, but between us we reach around the world. I have made some friendships for life and I enjoy every minute. I am so excited for the future and I am grateful and proud to be a part of such a wonderful company.

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