Forever fits around you


Forever found Danielle at a time when she was struggling financially. Her best friend gently spoke about it and left the Business Brochure on her table, and that’s when Danielle began to wonder if it really was possible to earn extra around a busy job and six children…

The price of the Business Owner Box was a massive stumbling block for me, we just didn't have the money. However, I decided I wanted to give it a go so I saved for two months and, on payday (28th September 2014), I chose to buy the box rather than some much needed tyres! I made my money back in the first month, plus an extra £150, and from that moment I never looked back.

Before Forever I was working as a domestic abuse advocate. I loved the job but the pay was not that good and I struggled to work it around six children and a husband who was often away on business. I loved that I could fit my new Forever business into the nooks and crannies of my life. I’d listen to training in the car on my drive to work, and I’d start Forever-work every night once the children were settled in bed.

It grew slowly, but as my business and income grew so did my confidence. I began to put myself forward to speak on webinars, and I studied hard to be the best mentor I could possibly be to my ever-growing team. I realised that the more I invested in others by helping them to achieve their goals, the more we all gained.

Ten months after starting my journey I waved goodbye to my job and started to work my Forever business full time. Two months later I became a Manager and I’ve also been able to help many of my team reach their goals. I have made lifelong friends along the way and I love the comradery and support given by everyone I meet. I take my children to school and I’m usually the only crazy person shouting from the side-lines when my children play sports on weekday afternoons. My son started private school in September, paid for by my income, and I have been able to shed two stone through a weekly personal training session. Forever has benefitted my family, my mindset, my health, my confidence, my finances and my team, and I will remain forever grateful to Rex for devising such a phenomenal opportunity.

**The achievements expressed in this testimonial are the individual’s personal opinion and subjective experience. Individual results may vary. Forever makes no guarantees on income or success. Your success depends on your effort, commitment, skill, and leadership abilities, and how effectively you exercise those qualities. Please see Forever’s Income Disclosure Statement at for more information.**