Forever carried me through

Val and Norman

In January 1993, Val’s life changed completely. She had lost her job and life savings, and she was getting close to losing all hope…

Interest rates were at 15% and no one was hiring; if they were, they certainly werent hiring a fifty-year-old with views, and I quickly realised that I was unemployable. The next few months involved trying fruitless and frustrating ventures to create an income, and it wasnt until the August, and a chance meeting with my now sponsor that I managed to find an opportunity that I felt was worth pursuing.

Forever Living at the time was an entirely different company. It was very new in the UK, there was no imposing Head Office, the literature was in Chinese, the Business Presentation was on a flip chart, the trainings did not exist, the packaging was terrible and few had heard of aloe vera! I had zero belief in myself, because of what had happened, yet I somehow felt it was what I was meant to do. I wanted to get my hands on the products and, if half of what my research said about aloe vera was true, I felt I could make a go of it.

As I worked the business I became passionate about showing others how Forever can support you when things go wrong. One day I was invited to present to a group of entrepreneurs and whilst I prepared, I realised that I needed to share one of the most painful events of my life the sudden death of my only son. It was hard to imagine whether I could stand on stage and describe how I felt that summer night when the call came from France informing me that Mark had drowned. I had no idea whether I would be able to open up to strangers, but I knew that if I did, I could also tell them how my team had united behind me, and how my business continued to grow even during that difficult time. I could tell them how I was paid my bonus even though I was unable, for a time, to be active in the business, and how, when I felt ready to return, I was welcomed and supported by my team, fellow FBOs and the company.

Forever has carried me through challenging times and keeps me connected with what I need to do daily. Its provided me with a means to support causes I passionately believe in, and we have been so fortunate to enjoy decades of success, incentives, global travel and bonuses. I fell in love with the business all those years ago, and I am proud to say that Im still in love with it today.

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