Forever benefits our charity

Heidi and Alan

Heidi and Alan were introduced to Forever by an old friend Alan knew through his work in TV – comedian Dominic Holland! During a fundraising event for ‘The Lunchbowl Network’, a charity the couple helped start ten years ago, Dom introduced Heidi to Forever Aloe Vera Gel. Their business grew from here…

If I’m honest, at first I didn’t think the business was for me. I’d never sold anything before and since I was so busy with the charity, a couple of other small jobs, and four children, I didn’t think I had the time. However, my background is in research so my natural intrigue caused me to look further into the company, the products and the possibilities. I purchased the Business Owner Box and after a couple of months I really started to see Forever’s business potential.

Our sponsors didn’t know, but for a long while Alan and I had been praying for a new venture that we could run together. Alan works in TV sound and absolutely loves his job. He is very lucky, works on all the big shows and even went to Rio to work on The Last Leg and Paralympics. However, the older he gets, the more he wants to reduce his hours. Ideally he’d like to be selective about where and when he works, but until Forever, such a choice seemed unlikely.

I also had a promising and well-paid TV career, but I had to give it all up as the unsociable hours and travel didn’t fit with the demands of a family. I also adore the work I do for The Lunchbowl Network – the charity cares for orphaned and vulnerable children in Kibera slum, and I raise awareness in UK schools and travel to the project in Nairobi – but this role is entirely voluntary. Lunchbowl will always be my passion, but I’ve always missed having a career. Forever has given me a second chance. I can now build and train a team of people, we have new travel opportunities, and we are excited about building our business globally. Our team are lovely and we have made so many new friends. What’s really been amazing though is how our involvement in Forever has also benefitted The Lunchbowl Network. Many Forever Business Owners (FBOs) are now heavily involved with the charity and we have made friends with FBOs from Scotland, Scandinavia, Ireland and from various places in the UK – we can’t wait to meet them at Success Express and the global events! It hasn’t always been easy, but we have had the opportunity to plug into self-development and setting goals. Our focus now is all about our team and helping them to achieve Manager too – we can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.

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