Flying High


Bettina worked as cabin crew for nineteen years…

I loved my job initially; I was young with no responsibilities and got to see the world. However, things changed when I met my husband, Gio. We got married and now have two wonderful boys Rocco, 4 and Marco, 3. The airline business changed like most other companies; we had pay cuts and longer shifts with less crew on board. Every time I got my rota I would panic. Who was going to look after the boys? Which next milestone would I miss? I was tired from doing night flights, and in general feeling exhausted, and unable to spend time with my boys.

In January 2016 I was introduced to Forever through the products and immediately fell in love with them; I could see the potential in the business opportunity and I couldn’t wait to get started! I hit my first promotion in five weeks and hit Manager last year. I no longer fly, and I work my Forever business around my commitments and my family. I have an incredible team that I work alongside. We all have very different backgrounds and I have made incredible friendships as well as a global business - all of which I run from the kitchen table! 

Forever has given me so much already; a full-time income working part time hours, personal development and time freedom. The most rewarding part is seeing my team develop and seeing each of them grow individually whilst helping them achieve their goals and dreams. We have a real bond between us and everyone supports each other. 

Our team has had a very exciting year with lots of promotions and even more incentives being ticked off our goal boards – I can’t wait to see what’s next!