Flower Power

Rachel F

In 2006, Rachel joined Greater Manchester Police as a Police Constable. She loved the job and met her husband through work since they had the same shift pattern...

This was great while it lasted, but eventually we were assigned different shifts and barely saw each other. We endured this for a while but in 2010, when we were planning our wedding, I realised that if we were to fulfil our dreams of having a family, something had to change.

When I grew up, mum worked nights so that she could be around during the day while my dad was at work. I don’t know how she did it, but since I was never put in childcare, I wanted the same for my children. One evening I was sat watching TV when a young girl started ‘messing around’ with some flowers. I've always considered myself creative, so in that moment I decided that becoming a florist was the answer! I researched the industry, took a course, read loads of books and borrowed £30,000 from my parents so that I could buy a local shop. At the time, I had a good job and a pension, but I knew I wasn’t going to stay in the police once we had a family; I had to do something, so I did! I made a success of my florist business and in 2012 we ended up having two children within ten months of each other. My dream had become a reality and every single day was spent with my kids; I didn’t miss a single milestone!

In 2014, a lady (Danielle) I used to work with in the police messaged me about the Forever business opportunity. I was wary about starting another business as I didn’t want to store a load of stock (with the flower shop I bought the minimum stock from a Carte Blanche supplier and it took me a while to shift it), but Danielle explained that I only had to buy what I could sell. It only cost me a box of products to join – unbelievable when you know how much it costs to start a traditional business – and I could build the business alongside my floristry work. Thanks to Forever, in June 2016, I passed the flower shop to my mum so that I could focus on spending every day with my children. Because Forever is so flexible and works around my kids, this last year (the year before they started school) has been spent having fun with the children. I kept working my Forever business, but they were my priority, and now that they’re in school, I’m able to shift my focus back to building my Forever business and working to secure what matters most – my family’s future.

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