Fighting for my family

Louise L

Louise started her journey with Forever Living in December 2014...

I am married with two boys, Leonardo, six and Rocco, four. My background was in the criminal justice sector for seventeen years. My last job, which I held for eight years, was Management Systems Information Manager for the Probation Service.

After having my first little boy I went back to work from maternity leave as I just thought that is what you do. I had to reduce my hours a little; my little boy did one day in nursery and my mother-in-law helped me with my childcare on the other few days. I was very lucky to have her support; however, I had got to a point where I wasn’t enjoying my job anymore. I missed my baby and there were lots of changes on the horizon for the public sector. For the first time in my life I was faced with redundancies and my job wasn’t safe anymore. People always said to me, ‘When you have children your outlook on life will change,’ and it certainly did.

I never knew opportunities like Forever existed - I wish I had. While pregnant with my second child Rocco and still in my job, all I could think about was finding something else that would fit around my children. With a three-year-old who was about to start reception at the local school in the mornings, as well as a baby to look after, I needed a solution because I had no childcare support by this time.

When Rocco was born I knew I did not want to go back to my job, so I accepted voluntary redundancy. It was perfect timing, as I was contacted about the Forever opportunity and it ticked all the boxes for what I was looking for - flexibility, time freedom, being my own boss, helping people, and access to great incomes. This was what I had always been looking for, could it be real? Yes, I am living proof of that.

So, what does life look like now? Well I have finally found what I would call inner peace in my career path. I wake up happy, I look forward to my week instead of dreading it, I have met so many new friends, and my children have me at home when they need me. When I see my children's beaming smiles at the school gates, knowing mummy can be there for them whenever they need me makes my world complete!