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Forever Business Owner, and athlete and adventure expert David recognises that health and wellbeing, along with good nutrition, correct hydration, the right amount of sleep, regular exercise and appropriate supplements, is crucial. Forever’s Editor, Kate Hodge, decided to get in touch to find out more about David’s approach to fitness, nutrition, and Forever’s products…

Whatever we do in life, we must have an avenue that allows us to decompress from stress. Doing such will create a happy balance and enable plans and goals to progress. Many people often have the desire to place themselves in situations that invigorate them; situations that allow you to learn more about how fantastic the human body is and what it is truly capable of achieving, and it is often in these moments – when we’re faced with exciting physical challenges – that we stop existing and begin to start living!

As a child I suffered with eczema and asthma. I distinctly remember not being able to climb the stairs without having to sit down and catch my breath half way, but, after a number of years (during which my mum made sure I ate well and hydrated correctly), I found that running cross country was something that enabled me to decompress, fill up positively and create a sustainable balance of physical fitness. I was inspired by the achievements of my three older brothers – they love the outdoors – and through hard work and focus I was selected to run cross country and athletics for English Schools.

At the age of sixteen I went on my first expedition with BSES (British Schools Exploring Society) which was to Spitzbergen in the Arctic Circle. As a result, over the past twenty-five years, I have extensively mountaineered in regions throughout the world including the Himalayas, Andes and the Tien Shan Mountain range, organised and led expeditions within jungle, desert, arctic and mountainous regions, won title events in Adventure Racing and enjoyed a variety of land and sea obstacle and endurance events – these test the human body to undiscovered capabilities! This has resulted in me having a deep respect for the body’s ability to adapt and grow under any circumstance and environment.

My educational background has also impacted the way I view health, fitness and nutrition. I studied sports science and sports medicine at university, I hold a diploma in herbal medicine, and I’m also a qualified PTI (Physical Training Instructor). This experience means I adopt a training programme with a holistic approach; one that’s extremely effective and easy to implement. To choose carefully and apply properly is essential, and each approach is specific to the individual and the tasks that lay ahead.

Planning and focus are essential when introducing the body to an environment of exercise. This is a critical stage that allows you to make sure nutrition, hydration, exercise, sleep and supplements are introduced to enable performance and help stave off injury. It is fundamentally important to acknowledge that these sustainable benefits far outweigh any ‘quick-fix’ approach. In general, health and fitness within sport and outdoor adventure activities should always be viewed as a lifestyle change for the better; something which is fun and sustainable to implement. The true rewards of effort are never immediate and may take some time to see. Therefore, choosing carefully and applying properly is an essential approach.

Superb supplements

Remote and austere environments within sport and outdoor adventure have provided me with a rich learning ground, I have seen what does and doesn’t work, which is why I see and feel the value in Forever products. Integrating such products into your training can add to the positive experience, enabling individuals to love what they are doing, and to keep doing it, for years to come. This can be achieved through breaking down the phases of training to pre-event, event and post-event recovery; a sub-factor of injury and rehabilitation should also always be built-in. Managing the individual’s morale is also critical as this can have a direct impact on their wellbeing.

There has not been one moment when, over the past two years, I haven’t taken daily Forever supplements as part of my health regime in training, performance and recovery. This is with very good reason. I utilise the C9 programme as part of my pre-event training and recovery from injury through rehabilitation, but I also regularly use ARGI+, Forever Freedom, NutraQ10, Arctic Sea, Gin-Chia, Absorbent-C, Forever Bee Propolis, Forever Bee Pollen, Forever Bee Honey, Forever Multi-Maca, Forever Active HA, Nature-Min, Forever Therm and A-Beta-CarE.

I also use several additional products to assist with recovery and injury. This includes the Aloe Heat Lotion and Aloe MSM Gel. In fact, the entire Forever product portfolio enables the athlete and outdoor enthusiast to have confidence that their approach to health and fitness (in sport and outdoor adventure activity) is supported with a great range of supplements, many of which offer protection from the weather’s elements and potential hazards. As part of my first aid kit I always have a supply of Aloe Vera Gelly, Aloe Lips, Forever Sun Lips and Aloe Sunscreen. Protecting the skin in the outdoors is critical, especially when the body is being put through its paces, but protecting the body from illness and injury is always important. The skin is the largest organ in the human body, with one of its essential functions being defence. Therefore, we must always remember to consider it when we approach our health and activities.

Truly great health is based on a strong and healthy cardiovascular system, immune system and digestive system. Fundamentally, no matter what we choose to do in life, we must always take responsibility for our health by ensuring that our fitness lifestyle includes realistic, sustainable and positive approaches – including goals.

My daily health and fitness training regime will always include a comprehensive range of products from Forever and I have full confidence that my future in sport and outdoor adventure will be filled with exciting and extraordinary experiences. After summiting Mount Kilimanjaro forty-seven times and having experienced many years of challenges and successes within the world of sport and outdoor adventure, I now have a perspective on what it means to fully embrace everyone and anyone’s ability to be the best that they can be. Everyone has the ability to feel inspired and to inspire others. All it takes is daring to do something different and embracing the knowledge that results from learning along the way.