Destined to grow

Jennifer and Matthew

Jennifer and Matthew actually joined to benefit from the product discount, but it seems that their business was destined to grow...

Matt and I live in Scotland with our three kids, Joshua, Ruby and Joya, and our dog Bruce. We joined Forever almost two years ago, I was pregnant with my third baby at the time, but I loved the products and I really wanted to benefit from the product discount.

At the time I had a lot of work on: I was running a musical theatre and ballet school, I was managing projects, I had shows to choreograph and direct, and I was also working for various other companies. With all this, two children and another on the way I had no time at all for Forever, or so I thought! Despite this I arranged a few get-togethers with my friends and family and I started recommending products to them. Slowly my retail business grew and within my first two months I was promoted to Supervisor. 

Since I was so busy, I didn't think about building a team until a few people showed an interest. I thought I may as well give it a go, so slowly I started to build and coach a team. It was mainly through Facebook and Skype – I'd squeeze it into the small gaps in my day – and if I was lucky I’d escape the madness and have a meeting face-to-face! Eventually I hit Assistant Manager and that's when things really started to change. I found myself taking less work on with theatre schools and spending more time with the kids. I loved it and decided to see how much further I could take my business. 

I re-focused and put a plan and goal in place (I wanted to earn £2,000 a month), and in just a few months so much changed. I am now a Senior Manager, I pick and choose how I structure my day and I work when I like. I work my Forever business part-time but I make a full-time wage, and my husband has been able to leave his retail job. Becoming a Forever Business Owner has been the best decision I've ever made. I've learned so much about myself, made some amazing friends, and I feel motivated everyday thanks to the support and training available. I'm now helping over 130 people build their own Forever empires. I get paid to stay healthy, happy and help others to do the same – how cool is that?!