Dedication to learn

Jayne and John

Jayne came from an agricultural and farm management background, but prior to joining Forever, faced a number of immediate challenges, not least of which was spiralling debt. She and husband-to-be, John, immediately saw the potential with Forever, not just for solving those issues, but also for creating an improved life. Initially, working part-time around other commitments, but with a dedication to learn, work hard, achieve success, and win every incentive on offer, they have gone on to develop a very successful and stable global Forever business.

Jayne admits to being even more excited and impassioned by the Forever opportunity today than she was at the beginning. She explains why goal-setting is so crucial and invaluable to the success of a Forever business. “The first thing you need to do is to recognise your goals. They need to be established, to enable you to have a clear vision of what you would like your achievements to be. Setting goals gives you direction and steers you onto the right path to success.” Jayne also insightfully advised that through the goal-setting procedure, you should never limit yourself, and not put restrictions on or set boundaries as to what can be achieved. “Be confident in your capability, but if you’re not, then you need to change your thinking, change the way you perceive things, and adopt a more ‘can do’ attitude. Distributors are a constant testament to the success of Forever, especially those who strive to be the best they can be, and are rewarded with international travel to an Eagle Managers’ Retreat or a Global Rally to receive a Chairman’s Bonus cheque.”

Top tips for setting goals:

• Set goals on a daily basis and never limit yourself to what you believe is achievable. Goals can be as ambitious as you wish.

• Be specific when setting goals; don’t formulate general goals that are too broad for your mind to focus on. Take, for example, a goal to get a new car – state what make, model, colour, accessories, etc.

• Focus your mind on the most important goals; don’t clutter your mind with too many goals and overwhelm your thinking. Ideally, focus on just three key business

• Change your thinking, be prepared to take greater action and work very hard.

• Write your goals down on paper, put them in your iPad, mobile, diary - practically anywhere, other than your mind, and become committed to achieving them.

• Ask yourself whether you’re doing enough. Is there something holding you back? Do you fear failure? Is there something from your past that is hindering you from moving forward? 

• Believe you can achieve the impossible. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, and be optimistic about what can be achieved.