Building A Future To Be Proud Of


Ghazaleh started her Forever business in May 2016...

I graduated with a Masters in Architecture in my home country of Iran, and my husband and I came to live in the UK so he could continue his postgraduate education in dentistry. Soon after, I found my feet on the career ladder by joining a large, prestigious architectural firm where I worked for 11 years. Architecture was all I had wanted to do since I was in high school, I progressed very well in my career and I was enjoying myself, but when I had my son, many things changed. I went part-time as I wanted to be involved in my son’s life, but I was constantly being asked when I would return full time. I thought that would be when my son was old enough to go to school full time, little did I know that if I wanted to be present with him and his social life, I would need to cut even more hours which was not viable for the firm nor myself. Also, the volume of work was so high that I was staying late in the office and bringing work home with me, basically working many more hours than my contract without getting paid extra.

In the background, I was becoming familiar with Forever’s amazing products and had grown to love them and how they benefited my health. I was so passionate about the products that I was talking about them naturally with everyone. As a result, my husband and I decided to put these two pieces of the puzzle together and make the brave decision to say goodbye to my architectural career and start my Forever business. It was of course a very risky decision, to put aside a guaranteed salary and start from zero, but we had faith in the products, business model and the marketing plan.

Another big drive for me to start my Forever business was to find friends. I had left all my old friends behind back home, and many of the new friends I had made in the UK had moved to different cities or countries. I always wanted my son to be sociable and I believed that had to start from myself. I’ve always been more of an introvert and one of my dreams was to be more sociable and easily connect to people and make friendships.

The biggest reservation I had in starting my business was selling, as I’ve never sold anything in my life, however I learned that the act of selling could be quite enjoyable when it’s based on honesty and integrity and by sharing my own experience of the products.

Before I started my Forever business, a typical working day was to leave my son with his nanny and leave the house with my husband at 7:30am to go to work. I would get home from work at around 6:30/7pm to spend a little time as a family before starting all the house chores - I was so tired!

By changing my career, I now have TIME. Time to be there for my son, my family, and to support my husband who has a very demanding job as a consultant in dentistry and as the Director of Undergraduates at the University of Manchester. I am also independent and earning money like I was before which is really important to me.  When I look back and compare the time freedom I have now and the choices I can make freely compared with when I was employed, it makes me so grateful and more determined to carry on.

At the beginning of my business, I was mainly retailing products and had a small team. I was happy with what I was doing and was earning a few hundred pounds, but what has changed in me is my personality. Over the last few years, I have gone from a shy, introverted person to a more sociable and open individual who can make friends more easily. As a result my business has grown exponentially and I have made the most beautiful friendships since starting my Forever journey - for that I am very grateful.

The skills I have developed since I started my business are phenomenal, although I know that there are loads more to be learned and developed - I am growing every day! I have gone from a negative, always seeing the empty part of glass to a positive, more grateful person. I have become familiar with the Law of Attraction which I now use in my life and have seen amazing benefits. The communication, organization and leadership skills have also helped me in my personal life as well as my business.

Anyone can make a strong business in Forever and in network marketing if they put the effort in, learn the skills, are consistent and, like any other business, give it time. If you haven’t already got the belief, borrow the belief from others who have done it and be sure that one day you are the person who holds others’ hands in their journey.

If someone had told me seven years ago that I would be in the place where I am now, I would have doubted it, but it has been proven to me that anything is possible if you are passionate, consistent and patient.

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