Back To My Roots


Network marketing was not a new concept to Annie as her parents had started their network marketing business alongside another company when she was six years old…

A few years in, my parents were both able to leave their jobs and work their business really flexibly from home around myself and my two sisters. This gave us an amazing upbringing with unlimited time and lots of memories as a family, so I have a lot to thank the industry for!

It never crossed my mind that it could be something that I could do also, as my experience of network marketing stopped at their company and that just wasn’t for me.  

After studying fashion design at university, I landed what I thought was my dream job as a designer in London. At first this was a whirlwind of excitement, however, as the time went on, I started to feel less and less enthusiastic. I didn’t feel fulfilled, I worked really long hours, had a long commute, and I hated that I was constantly wishing time away until home time or the weekend. From this job I realised a few things - I didn’t want to have a boss, I didn’t want someone to be in control of my time, and I wanted the freedom to not be tied down to one place.

It was finally a phone call with my mum and me voicing this when she said, ‘Annie, why don’t you take a proper look into network marketing and find a company that’s right for you that you can get really passionate about…’ So that night I did some real research and it finally clicked! I realised that network marketing was exactly the answer. I researched companies and when I found Forever I knew it was right for me. I searched on the Forever events Facebook page for an upline and got started the next day in October 2016.

When I started, although I had full belief in the industry and the company, my belief in myself took a while to build. However, the incredible training and support I received helped me grow and develop. I attended every event, read every book I was recommended, and my business started to grow. Early in 2018, I hit the position of Manager giving me so many more choices. I was able to leave my full-time job and also move to and explore a new city altogether!

It’s creating that time freedom I’ve witnessed first-hand that drives me. Building my business has been an absolute rollercoaster ride and really hard work, but I wouldn’t change any of it! I’m completely obsessed with what I do now, I have met the most incredible people, love working with my team, and I am so excited for my future with Forever.

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