Back on track


Joanne is 43 and a mum of three boys, twins Max and Myles, aged 14, and Vinnie, 7. Her children and husband, Manny, are her life, but in 2002 Joanne suffered a nasty accident, and life was never the same...

I started horseriding from the age of 10 after my mum and dad had divorced. Every Sunday my dad had to find something to keep me occupied, and horseriding was my first choice. I loved it, but I drove my dad mad as I desperately wanted my own pony. Eventually, when I was 11, he gave in.

A few years later, my dad bought a small farm in Biggin Hill, Kent. I had a dream job where I ran my own stable yard, and I had become a professional showjumper. My world revolved around riding and training eight horses every day, and competing in all of the top shows – I loved it. Then, in 2002, life came crashing down when I experienced a bad fall and fractured my back. It was an awful time: I was in so much pain, and because my twins were only two years old, everything was a complete nightmare. I was told my back was too weak and it took me six months to recover. Life instantly changed that day.

I was forced to find a new career, but I didn't want to do anything else; I didn't know how to do anything else! I had no GCSEs – I didn't need them to be a showjumper – but decisions had to be made. I decided to go back to college and train as a hairdresser; it took me two years full-time, but it allowed me to work with people and revolve around my children. I absolutely loved it and made some wonderful new friends. Eventually I started my own salon and built up a lovely client list, but sadly my old injury returned, and I found standing up for the long hours incredibly painful.

I started Forever in February 2014 after my bestie, Lisa, joined and grew passionate about the company. I decided to join her, knowing that at the very least we would have a lot of fun together. Once I received my box I got straight to work, and found myself watching Jayne's videos on YouTube all day long. I jumped in head first and recruited a team, which included my two best friends, Claire and Kobi – these ladies are inspirational! We all have a close working relationship, frequently exchanging ideas and supporting each other through – I would also like to say a special thank you to Ben and Kelly for their coaching, they were an amazing support, and now we have well over 100 ladies working with us. We laugh and enjoy what we do, and I know that Forever was the best decision I ever made.

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