A welcome change


What was your working background before Forever?

I used to work from home where I ran my own little log-cabin hair salon; it was beautiful and it fit around my three children, Tyla-Louise, Bailey and Miller. One day one of my regular hair clients came into the salon and it struck me how good she looked. When I asked after her secret, she told me about Forever and how she had been using C9. I immediately saw a retail opportunity as I knew my clients would also be interested in the products. She gave me the details of the lady that sold to her and I signed up straight away. That was April 2013.

What happened once you decided to sign up?

Once I started retailing the products and my customers fell in love with them, the business blossomed. However, I was always the person who didn’t have time for anything; I certainly didn’t have time for a team. Despite this, I found myself discussing the benefits with others, and before I knew it, they were signing up with me as their sponsor. It was only when my upline, Nicola, pointed out to me that I’d naturally started to build a team that I realised I’d better take a closer look at the marketing plan.

What impact has your progression within Forever had on your life?

My partner, Steve, used to work long hours as a Senior Quantity Surveyor. He was commuting back and forth whilst I juggled looking after the house, the kids and the salon. I soon realised that if this business took off, Steve would be able to reduce his hours – that was my motivation.

At first Steve was sceptical, but after six months of being in the business – just before I achieved Manager – he recognised that a lot of money was coming in. After this, Steve familiarised himself with the company policies and quickly knew them inside out. This strengthened the business, and our income had increased significantly; I no longer needed to spend eight hours a day cutting people’s hair. I made the decision to close the salon and commit to Forever full-time. Then, in July 2014, we realised that Steve could also afford to quit his job, and so we decided to focus on Forever together. Our earnings increased even further and our lifestyle completely changed; we now live in a beautiful country manor-style house and drive brand new cars.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I find it amazing that I can inspire other people to achieve success. Now that I am Soaring Manager, I want to focus on the activity within the team. We’ve created a fun team environment; we have loads of social events and it’s an incredible place to be.

Has being an FBO been as you expected?

There’s a lot more to it than I first thought: I thought it would just be a business, but actually it turns you into a better person. You are focusing on helping people change their lives and their futures.

What advice would you give to FBOs working towards becoming a Soaring Manager?

Sometimes it can become frustrating when people don’t see what you see and it’s just a case of learning how to deal with those challenges. I found it helpful to learn as much as I could about the business, so that I could confidently answer people’s questions. Also, when you read all about the incentives on paper, it’s hard to imagine the reality behind them, but be encouraged because you really can do it all – nothing’s out of anyone’s reach.