A path to greatness


Stephanie started her journey with Forever Living in September 2014. Her background was in banking...

I spent eight years working hard and gaining several financial qualifications. The income wasn't too bad, but my health was. I'd sit and watch the clock until it was home time, then I'd instantly feel sick about having to return to work again the next day. I was seriously underappreciated and underpaid. I eventually ended up on sick leave, which isn't very good money. Unfortunately, I ended up going down a path that got me into a lot of debt just to survive.

I do believe Forever finds you at the right time. I was in desperate need of an income but, more importantly, I needed something that I could focus on to pull me out of a dark place. For a while I couldn't even leave my home without my mum or partner accompanying me. The medication I was prescribed made me gain weight rapidly, which only added to my depression. 

Forever fell into my lap when I needed it the most. I came across a post on Facebook and contacted the lady. This lady became my mentor and more importantly my friend. She saw the pain and struggle I was going through and set me a structure to follow that suited me perfectly. The marketing plan is amazing, and all the tools and training are provided so I never felt nervous or alone as I knew I always had my mentor for support.

What does my life look like now? Well I've never felt this confident before. The income is great, in fact it’s enabled me to leave the banking world in my past where it belongs. I now work part time hours in a local kennels and cattery, which has been a lifelong dream of mine. The income Forever brings in tops up my wage dramatically and is paying off my debts.

I am now helping many other people from all different backgrounds achieve what I have. It is so rewarding knowing that I'm helping to change their lives too.

My partner and I are now expecting our first baby, which is very exciting and Forever has given me the option to choose whether to return to work after my maternity leave. To be a stay-at-home mum but still bring in a full-time income is priceless.

Health-wise I feel fantastic, our products really are superior, and by combining them with exercise and a healthy diet, they have helped me lose that excess four stone in weight. I'm now in a much healthier place too.

I'm so grateful that I found Forever, and I will continue to grow my business to give my family the best possible life. We are not only benefiting from the income, it’s given us freedom and choices that we never thought were possible.