A passion to build on


Helen joined Forever at the end of 2015…

Before Forever I worked in the finance and banking sector in London. Our pace of life once my daughter was born was crazy and it sometimes felt like I was caught in a hamster wheel with not much life balance. My husband then got a job transfer to Singapore and I was excited to try a different working model and set up my own business working from home. I loved that it allowed me to be present with my two young children but as with most conventional businesses, I had initial overheads and really didn’t recoup a salary for myself for the first two years. I transitioned from importing interior design products from South Africa to more recently designing handbags, and really loved my business from a design perspective, but it just wasn’t meeting my financial goals.    

I always say Forever found me. The products through my business were always put in stores as I was never comfortable with the sales process, so it was very against the grain for me to decide to join the business literally days into doing the C9. I absolutely loved the products and was already recommending them, so it felt like a very natural progression for me. I quickly learnt that this business is about authentic recommendation and not hard sales at all. I retailed so much in my first month, I made Supervisor and so began my amazing journey with Forever. I saw a generous marketing plan that, if I took it seriously and treated it like a business, I could reach my financial goals. Having been an ex-pat for most of my adult life, I loved the concept of getting a global ID right from the start. I have teams in five different countries and the fact that we have a presence in 160 countries means that no matter where we end up moving to afterwards, my business gets to seamlessly move along with me.      

I believe network marketing is the business of the future. It is so different to a conventional role where nothing is guaranteed and the hard work you put in is often not acknowledged or rewarded. I am about to be involved in my second charity drive where my profits go to build houses for the poor in Cambodia, and I absolutely love that I’m part of a business where I get to contribute and make a small difference. As long as you find products you’re passionate about and a solid, ethical company to work alongside of, you truly can build the life of your dreams.