A new lease of life


Seventy-year-old Ethel is an inspiration to the Forever business. Her story demonstrates that it is never too late for you to go out and achieve your dreams and that there is always room to learn and develop yourself, no matter what point in life you are at.

My background is in midwifery and I have over twenty years’ experience working within the Fulham area as a community midwife. Peterborough Road is in our catchment area and I would have parked my car outside of the London product Centre numerous times, but I never realised what the company was at the time!

When I came to retire from my work I quickly realised that my pension was insufficient so I returned back to my job on a part-time basis. But I was looking for new challenges and that’s when a colleague of mine asked me to have a look at the Forever business. After attending the Business Presentation with her, I decided to join Forever; not only for the great financial support it offers but also as a healthy and sociable endeavour. It’s funny to think that all that time I had been parking my car in front of Forever, yet I was unaware of the amazing opportunities it provides. Now I am very excited and I always share the products and the benefits with others wherever I go. I am also now able to start working towards leaving a legacy for my children and grandchildren, and this is something I have always dreamed of and the recognition is what keeps me motivated. I soon realised that the Forever business is all about believing in yourself and what you can achieve, and what I admire about Forever is the recognition you get for your hard work; this acts as a reminder that I am a step closer to achieving my dreams! The Forever business has also enabled me to adopt a very active lifestyle and I have made lots of friends through sharing this great opportunity. I would encourage anyone who joins to ensure they attend all the trainings and that they work closely with their team in order to develop these relationships. I would also like to thank Forever, my upline, sponsor and the team for all their support – you have given me a new lease of life. I know that the sky is the limit and age is just a number, and I want to encourage all other senior citizens to come and explore the Forever business – you too could experience a new lease of life just like me.