A lot of hard work


I am a mum with to two gorgeous children, aged thirteen and six, and I’m an Assistant Head Teacher in a large secondary school just outside of Birmingham. Although I was approached about Forever almost two years ago, initially I was sceptical about the business and so spent a further two years researching the company.

Unfortunately, at the start of April this year, the stress of my job was having a profound effect on my health and I had my second bout of alopecia in three years. This time it was the worst it had ever been and I lost a considerable amount of hair – in very visible areas – which was heart-breaking!

Although I once loved teaching – I am on a very good salary for my age – I was beginning to feel trapped, and the negative impact on my family and health was just too much. Quality time with my family was also limited as I would always be working.

I decided to sign up with Emma on the 17th April 2015. After joining, I literally couldn’t stop talking about it to anyone and everyone. I loved the team-building and mentoring side of the business and got stuck into it straight away, and within three weeks of joining I had six people in my downline (both first and second generation).

However, I still had some doubts and I’m also a very shy person – put me in front of 100 staff, 200 parents or 300 pupils and I’m absolutely fine, but when I’m in a room of people I don’t know, I will just sit there! I started working on my mindset and I now have affirmations stuck all over my bedroom wall – much to the delight of my hubby. They are the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing I see at night. I’ve also made a point of working deep within my downline – you never know where the diamonds will pop up. After a lot of hard work, I found myself hitting Supervisor after twenty-five days and Assistant Manager after just six weeks. This just shows that when you work on your mindset, your confidence just grows!