A life we deserve

Supervisor // Anna

I've been a qualified beauty therapist for about 10 years now and after various unfairly paid jobs I decided to run my own mobile business working around my two children, Maddie, six, and Alfie, three. But I have found it a real struggle to earn my worth working for myself and it’s been tough for us as a family. Also, in 2010, my husband almost died of a brain abscess. He was a lorry driver and lost his licence due to the seizures he suffered as a result of his condition. It was very sudden and totally threw us both. He loved his job and was devastated to lose his independence. This also meant that our income dropped significantly and ever since we have literally been living hand to mouth. He then had to go to work in a job that he didn't love to make ends meet and it really affected him.

I was first introduced to Forever a year ago and was really excited about what it could give me and my family, especially after everything we’ve been through. I could see it could be a way to get us out of the cycle we have been living in for the last four years and take away the financial stress we've been under for so long. I’m hoping it could also be a way of letting Ian leave the job he hates and start leading the stress-free life he deserves.

After a few months of saving to get my Business Owner Box, I finally signed up at the end of August 2014. My dream is to change our lives completely; become debt-free with the financial freedom to be able to do what we want, when we want, and give our children the stability they deserve. With the help and support of my incredible upline, Sam helping me get to Supervisor, I'm now on my way to achieving this dream. I'm so excited about what the future holds and have loved every minute of my journey so far. I don't see it as work at all, as I'm having so much fun and am making some great friends along the way.

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