A fun-filled business


Grace’s journey started when her friend asked her if she would host a Forever Living product launch at her home…

I agreed as I was happy to support my friend, but I also liked that I wouldn’t have to lift a finger in preparation for the party – she offered to organise the catering and everything so that I could simply be a guest in my own home. To be honest though, I was also curious; my knowledge of the product range was very limited. I had only been introduced to Forever Bright Toothgel previously, so I was interested in learning a bit more.

We had a lot of fun that evening, sixteen people attended in total and I was impressed by how professional the team was at setting up and presenting the products. I was also struck by the integrity of the company – I loved that they offered a sixty-day money-back guarantee and that the aloe was natural, hand-harvested and free from artificial insecticides and fertilisers. I was also fascinated to learn about the nutritional ingredients contained within the products. I made the decision to buy the Business Owner Box as I wanted to benefit from the discount on future purchases. I was not interested in the business side of things – I had work and other commitments – I was just keen to get my discount!

Throughout the months that followed I naturally found myself talking to friends, family and colleagues about the products. I used all the products in the Business Owner Box, I went on and did the C9, and I purchased other products for personal use too. Friends and family wanted to know what I was doing and how was I doing it, and, five months later, I realised that my Forever Living business had taken off. Despite being a mother of three young children, holding two jobs as an accountant, and working other commitments such as teaching Sunday school, I was determined to give my business a real go. I held my first product launch, which was promptly followed by further presentations, and although not all were well attended, I quickly learnt that it wasn’t really about the volume of people, but engaging those who had a passion for the products.

The success I’ve seen so far has been down to my passion and the amazing support given by a Senior Manager in my upline. I’m having so much fun hosting tea parties, doing table-top displays in my local community, and supporting my friends with their respective launches – I really have loved every minute!